Five Service Areas guide the Knights of Columbus:
Church:  The objective of this Program is to minister to
the needs of the Church.  

Key Activities include:  Our Lady of the Lake Capital
Campaign, Octoberfest, Fish Fry (Lent), Seminarian
Ushers, ...

Program Director:  Dick Emery
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic

Diocese of  Nashville
Community:  The objective of this Program is to provide
support for the local needs.

Key activities include:  Home Bound Meals, Room at the
Inn, Habitat for Humanity, Literacy Council, Veteran
Programs, Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy, Jason
Foundation, MR Foundation, Haiti Support  ....

Program Director:  
Home Bound Meals

Habitat for Humanity

The Literacy Council of Middle
Council:  The objective of this Program is to provide
membership growth and retention, entertaining,
enjoyable, and beneficial events for its members

Key activities include:  Membership Drives, Insurance
Program, Knight of the Month, Super Bowl Parties, Chile
Cook off, Council Dinners, ....

Program Director:  
Knights of Columbus Supreme

Knights of Columbus-TN

Knights Catalog
Family:  The objective of the Program is to strengthen
family life.  

Key activities include:  Family of the Month.,Ladies Night,
Ice Cream Social,...

Program Director:  Glenn Word
Youth:  The objective of this Program is to build leaders
for the future.

Key activities include:  Youth Ministries, Our Lady of the
Lake Fraternus. Education, Athletic Events, Education, ...

Program Director:
OLOL Fraternus
MSGR. William S. Bevington Council #9132
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Major Council Events
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  • TN Yellow Dot Program
  • Christmas Cards
  • Smoked Turkeys
  • Tootsie Roll Drive
  • Mid TN Kick Off Meeting
  • Home Bound Meals-Pancake Breakfast