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Dear Prospective Knights,

The following is a recap of a recent presentation at Our Lady of the Lake Masses as part of our Knights of Columbus recruitment drive.  We think you will find it informative.

My name is Jason Marino.  My wife and I moved here a year ago from New York. As we were planning our move we looked at several church bulletins to see how active the church is. By the grace of God and our spiritual father St. Joseph we stumbled upon Our Lady of the Lake. Since reading and doing the St. Joseph Consecration by Father Callaway, I had a renewed fire as a man to become a better man in my home, family, and community. 

As we reviewed Our Lady of the Lakes bulletin I saw the many activities the Knights held in our parish, from the Fish Fry, Free Throw Contests, and BRASS to name a few. I knew this was the Knights chapter that I wanted to join. For many years I would hear a very dull and boring speech in my old churches asking us men to join the Knights and then never be waiting outside to greet you. 

Well my friends not these Knights.  You may see us as ushers, Eucharist ministers, cantors, lectors and much more around the church and community. When there is a need there is a Knight.  It is our duty as men to be protectors of our family, church and communities and as a member of the Knights that’s exactly what you would be doing.

Now being a Knight doesn’t involve a large chunk of your time – it’s what you put into it.  If you just want to come to the meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month and enjoy a nice meal, brotherhood and listen to a spiritual talk then that’s all you have to do.  Or if you feel the call to volunteer at our many community outreach activities then feel free, it’s all up to you. Father Gilstrap has always said the mission of our Church is to sanctify Hendersonville. 

My Brothers in Christ will you help us Brother Knights continue to fulfill our Church mission as well as our duty as men to protect our families, church and community. If you are ready to man up we are ready to talk to you about next steps.

May God Bless you and your families.

Thank you.

Jason Marino

Want to contact us?
Ryan Cizmarik
Membership  Director

Interested in Taking The Next Step ?  Please download FORM 100 and Contact Ryan Cizmarik  on how to proceed.